Semsi Yozgat, President
Mr. Yozgat is the president, founder, and owner of Marmara Corporation. He has 30 years experience in stone fabrication and installation in Turkey and the United States. In addition, Mr. Yozgat is privileged to be part of the 4th generation in his family’s natural stone  business. Formerly employed with the Lascaris Design Group in Washington, D.C., Mr. Yozgat founded Marmara Corporation in 1985 and has built a strong clientèle of residential home builders/renovators, and a lengthy list of successfully completed commercial projects.

Hossam Barakat, HR/Accounting Manager
Mr. Barakat has been with Marmara Corporation since December 2005. As the accounting manager, he brings 5 years of  experience in accounting, practicing since 2003. Mr. Barakat holds a B.S. in accounting from Alexandria University, Egypt. Mr. Barakat also performs administrative duties for the company, including purchasing & human resources. Currently, Mr. Barakat is enrolled in the Masters Degree program in accounting at the University of Maryland.

Eduardo Novaes, Residential Sales Consultant
Mr. Novaes is Marmara Corporation’s top residential sales consultant. He has been with Marmara Corporation for 11 years, and has unrivaled experience handling stone drafting, estimating, and natural stone retail sales.

Vania Finwall, Assistant Shop Manager/Receptionist
Ms. Finwall has been with Marmara Corporation since June 2005, and is currently also our residential division manager. She maintains installation and fabrication schedules, keeps track of all residential sales, and provides customer service help. Ms. Finwall is Marmara Corporation’s main receptionist.

All estimating and sales questions should be directed to:
Estimator/Project Manager
P: (202) 635-4292 Ext. 109
F: (202) 625-4297